Healthcare Innovation Center delivers real time health care industry solutions focused on Patient Engagement, readmission reduction, predictive analytics, simulation projects, solution incubators among other key medical care consulting services.

By interconnecting health care providers and supplying medical tailored technology along ready to apply operational tools, we help increase patient quality care assistance and overall business profitability.

Our Solutions help medical groups and hospitals to have better, more proactive and meaningful collaboration tools to engage physicians, patients and family members.

This technology has a predictive analytical tool, that will help hospitals focus on higher risk patients with greater potential for readmission with the objective of reducing readmissions after discharge. The tool helps the patient’s echo system (e.g. family members, physicians, hospitals, etc.) in managing the post discharge process while continuously communicating the care plan and updating its progress.

About Us

HIC is an innovative, seasoned team of healthcare professionals and industry leaders who forestall and resolve medical care related operational challenges on internal and external platforms.

Constantly monitoring fast changing policies from private and public related sectors, HIC identifies opportunity areas designing, developing, and implementing time-cost effective solutions with friendly implementation, keeping up with a continuously changing healthcare environment.

Providing a synergistic support with operational, financial, governmental and technological know-how, our hospitals, physician medical groups and healthcare payer’s partners are able to become high-performing healthcare organizations.

HIC Solutions

Readmission Control Solution

The #1 priority for payers and providers is to achieve improved health and enhanced care at viable costs.

Inefficient patient discharge and inaccurate hospital transitions to following medical care settings increase readmissions, consequently escalating organizational costs.

Predictive analytics helps providers identify patients at highest risk and focus efforts for readmission prevention, patient engagement and care coordination. Together these create a significant opportunity to provide better care at a lower cost.

Predictive Readmission Solutions implements technology to redesign healthcare delivery, essential to achieve an all-around accountable, integrative care.

Predictive Readmission Solutions offers the following intervention tools:

During patient hospitalization:

  • Patient and family education
  • Care team coordination of services
  • Hospital care team service coordination

Nearing or during hospital discharge:

  • Instruction discharge review with patient and family
  • Short and long term (if applicable) care plan
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments
  • Follow-up appointment scheduling

Post discharge

  • Contact Patients and families at home
  • Periodic contact to patients and family
  • Communication between providers, patients and family members.
  • Patient engagement
  • Medication adherence verification
  • Appointment follow up

Our approach

Our approach to readmission prediction is designed to use data collected in existing clinical workflows and leveraging data interoperability’s standards like CCD/CDA to automatically access clinical data.

Readmission Reduction Solutions provide hospitals with the right tools to identify and triage patients at high readmission risk, maximizing existing personnel skills and effectively implementing a readmission reduction program.

Strategic Consulting Services

Hospitals and Providers face dramatic challenges in clinical quality, patient safety, health information technology, healthcare costs, billing and payment, and access to care.
We use a collaborative approach, working with client steering committees and departmental work groups to ensure the most successful projects.

Our services are:

  • Healthcare IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Roadmap and Systems integrations
  • Health Information Exchange integrations
  • Software design and development

Simulation Projects: Improving Healthcare Operations through Health IT Simulation

Technology implementation and electronic health records have created unprecedented opportunity for the healthcare industry to transition to what is known as eHealth operation.

HCI creates simulation environments to redesign existing processes and apply methodologies like six sigma to obtain efficient operation processes that improve performance and decrease cost.

When healthcare providers implement systems and technologies, there must be a quality process to ensure a successful project without business disruption.

HIC will create Lab environments to test systems integrations, like:

Our services are:

  • Integration a Pharmacy dispensing system with the Hospital EHR
  • Patient portal application with the Hospital HER
  • Physician’s EHR with Hospital information System

Healthcare Solutions Incubator

Today there is a transformation in the healthcare industry primarily driven by demographic changes, Federal Programs facing Major Cuts, Shifting from volume to value-based Reimbursement and new regulatory Demands

Using customizable processes, technology applications and off the shelve solutions, HIC provides the grounds for creative and innovative ideas that transform medical service operations making it financially viable.

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